Since there has been expansion of Development Departments in the State and there are now 61 full flagged development departments having developmental activities. Planning Department requires liaising, co-ordinate and supervising development activities undertaken by various departments. Apart from liaising and co-ordinating with the Planning Commission and other Ministries at the Centre on all matters relating to economic planning and development in the State.

With the National Policy of Grass-root level Planning, the Department has also established District Planning Offices in all the 11 Districts of the State and the District Planning Officers acts as Member-Secretary to the District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) in their respective Districts.

In the recent past the State Government has initiated several reform processes of economic planning in the State as to coordinate and supervise the implementation of the following schemes:

1. Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
2. NEC Sponsored Schemes.
3. Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR).
4. Local Area Development Programme (LADP).
5. C.M. Corpus Fund.
6. Special Development Programme (SDP).
7. Perform functions of the Secretariat for State Planning Board (SPB).
8. Formulation and Planning of development programmes and their execution.
9. Any other subject which are not assign to any specific Department.

Existing strength of the Department

1. Addl. C.S & Development Commissioner (Administrative Head) -1
2. Addl. Development Commissioner - 1
3. Joint Development Commissioner - 2
4. Deputy Development Commissioner - 2
5. Assistant Development Commissioner - 13
6. Economist - 1
7. Planning Officer - 13
8. Superintendent - 1
9. Statistician - 1
10. Assistant Planning Officer - 24
11. Assistant Superintendent - 1
12. Planning Assistant - 15